Not all crafts

I love when the grandchildren visit. No doubt, crafts and creating new things by hand plays a large part in our lives and I enjoy watching them use their imagination creating unique ideas. Nevertheless, it isn’t all in relation to crafting the perfect product. Self expression and creativity plays out more importantly. They can learn to follow instructions, develop motor skills, problem solving as well as expanding patience. Oh, and the bonding time with the kids is incalculable. Our oldest granddaughter, 14 years old, is rather imaginative and on numerous occasions we seek out suggestions or instructional methods from her. She also possesses multi-media skills. Not only can she create and edit videos, she effortlessly writes the scripts. The youngest, 7 years old, enjoys crafting as well, but is easily distracted on cookie cutter crafts. Ah, but let her find some flowers or plain old rocks out in the yard, and she’s off to the races with ideas. She loves to put pen to paper or sometimes a word processor, to write epic stories complete with illustration.¬† They both¬† love photography and each one has a special style on subjects and color. Our grandson, now 20, is a machinist. He enjoys creating anything out of metal. So, in some way they all are creative as many kids are.
We never compel an idea on crafting. We will on the other hand, explain how to be safe, follow instruction and how things react with each other ie: what types of glue, wax, paint, sealants, types of wood, etc. might be best for the craft in mind are discussed. At the end of the day, it’s not about the finished creation, but developing the Craft of thinking and patience.

Below, Chloe uses a compound microscope. Loves to look at insects, sand, jewelry beads, and much more. She knows the proper procedures and definitions on both Compound and Stereo Microscopes. She understands Diopter Adjustments, Fine Focus, Mechanical Stage, Stage Plates, and not to touch the hot light elements. Today she is looking at stone beads for an undetermined project.