Beautiful Unique Hats

Beautifully crocheted with care, and best of all, hand-made. Stylish and trendy hats that everyone loves. Soft and breathable everyday wear for Women and Girls.

Our mothers and grandmothers always warned us to have on hats and scarves before going out in the wintry cold weather, for good cause. Children love to play outside, and outdoor play in cold weather can be very valuable for health, but children are often unmindful to the effects of cold temperatures.

Dazzling Slouch Design

Wear to the lake or sitting by the fire in the evening in stylish comfort. A great gift idea.

Children do lose more heat proportionally through their head and face when uncovered to colder temperatures. Some people call this the “chimney effect” – dense, chilly air pushing warmer, lighter air off of our bodies. Wind can make matters poorer and drive away heat more quickly.  Their outer ears, tips of their noses, lips, and small fingers can be very susceptible to the cold. 

Most Fashionable

Stylish and trendy hats that everyone loves

Physical activities fortifies the immune system as well. So, put on a hat, cover ears as well and have a ball.

Simply Gorgeous Handmade Crochet Cowls. Trendy, Stylish & Functional. Crochet cowls perfect for gifting and for keeping warm during the winter! Gorgeous  crochet sets that have an attractive stitch and looks great on everyone! Fashionable and stylish for any occasion. Beautifully crocheted with care, and best of all, hand-made. Discover the different ways to wear them. The look great under a leather coat or jean jacket.
When it comes to color of our products, we do our best to show each color as accurately as possible, but sometimes phone or computer screens display color slightly differently.

Ponchos for child to teens

Light weight and perfect for any season. My ponchos are handcrafted and designed with comfort and warmth in mind.

Make's a wonderful gift and of course also something great for your little one to wrap up in.

And Lots More

Whimsical Soy Candles

Candles with an Attitude

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Keeping your baby safe while they’re sleeping is imperative.
Thimbles, Hooks & More wants your little ones to be comfortable, warm, but above all, safe.

Cozy & Warm Blankets

New Reading Pillows

Snuggle up with this pillow and enjoy a good book at the end of the day! Front pocket provides easy access for storing a magazine, journal, or devotional.

A perfect cozy, self-care gift for any book lover. Not just for the young ones. The handle makes it easy to take the pillow with them on the go, whether they’re headed to a friend’s house or going on a road trip. It’s not only a comfortable and functional pillow but also a fun and playful companion for your child. It will be a great addition to any child’s room and will make reading even more enjoyable for them. From toddlers to adults, this can become a cherished keepsake.

books and other accessories not included

Great place for a remote control also.

Do you know someone who loves to read?  Having trouble finding that perfect gift? My Custom-made Reading Pillows will bring a smile to not only a child’s face, but also a teen or adult. pocket can hold book, crossword, magazine, word-search, devotions, bible, coloring book, tablet, or stuffed toy. My beautiful pillows are lovingly made in a pet free area, smoke free home.

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Babies and young children are sponges that saturate in almost everything in their environments. It’s true! Even during story time, their minds are at work, taking in all the language they hear and lessons the characters learn.

Reading to your child  at any age will enhance their brain development, your connection, and so much more. And all it takes is a few books, incentives, and a modest amount of time. Reading provides a wonderful opportunity for you and your child to connect. It’s a nice way to splurge on time together and slow down during an otherwise chaotic day. Books and stories open up a whole new world to your child.  Books provide an excellent opportunity to get talking, telling stories, and connecting with your little one.

Draw String Bags

Great for over night stays, shopping, hospital visits, and much more. Kids will have plenty of room for toys, games or puzzles. Great place to hide a snack or two.

Size Approx: 23 inch by 20 inch

Flat bottom for more storage area

Items for mom and dad alike.  

Hairdryers, brushes and any other styling tools go great in drawstring bags. They are great to keep grooming essentials like these and keeps cords neat and secure. Keeps USB drives, cables, extra charging cords or cubes from getting jumbled in transit.  Whether for packing a lunch to use on an outing, or for handing out snacks, this will surely get the job done.

Smoke alarm safety for the new year

You can use January 1st as a reminder to check your fire alarms and make sure they’re working.Test your smoke alarms at least once a month (or more frequently if directed by the manufacturer).

Use interconnected alarms; when one alarm sounds, these systems will sound each connected alarm.Install smoke alarms inside and outside of every bedroom and make sure you have an alarm on every level of your home.You need to replace all smoke alarms in your home every 10 years. It’s best to always follow the manufacture date recommendations.

Along with Smoke alarms safety, dryer vent cleaning is a necessity. It’s not just a tip. There are many resources on the internet to help you on your particular dryer vent setup. Some may require professional help especially if they run through walls or ceilings. Make sure you look for a reputable company. Call your Condo or apartment manager for more info.

Shopping on the internet during the holiday season?  If using a computer, is your antivirus and malware programs up to date. Make sure all updates are recent as well with Windows 10 or 11. If you are still using older operating systems, it may be time to update. You can still update windows 7 to windows 10 for free using a Windows Media Creation application. Microsoft Will End Windows 10 Support on October 14th, 2025

Shopping Cart Handle Covers

Protect yourself from the germs that live on shopping cart handles. These are also excellent if you have a toddler in the seat. Babies like to put their hands and mouth on everything and this will keep the germs away from them. Velcro locked. Machine washable.


My shopping bags are perfect for any occasion, work, school, shopping, or a day at the beach. It is spacious, durable, reusable, and multi-functional


The perfect bag for the market, beach, library, travel, anything.


Sturdy Tote Bags For Anything

Most have pockets

6 count them 6 spacious outside pockets and two inside with removable reinforced bottom

Great tote bag for the Happy Camper.

Plenty of pockets and sturdy and handy key clip/holder

Small denim tote/purse. Sash Belt

Tote bag made with scraps from left over fabrics and sewing projects.